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Network of Hispanic Administrators in Education

We advocate for quality and equity in education and services for Hispanic educators and students.

2023-2026 Officers


  • Dr. Antonio Acevedo, President

  • Dr. Terri Campos, Vice-President

  • Maria Fresse-Giffels, Treasurer

  • Rafael Jimenez, Corresponding Secretary

  • Dr. Olimpia Bahena, Recording Secretary

IMG_0784 (1).jpg


Dr. Antonio Acevedo, NHAE Board President, hosted Mr. Pedro Martinez -CPS CEO during a recent general membership meeting .

NHAE Board members; Maria Fresse-Giffels Treasurer, Rafael Jimenez Corresponding Secretary, Dr. Antonio Acevedo President, Dr. Terri Campos VP, Dr. Olimpia Bahena  Recording Secretary.

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